Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Have you seen me?

Behold the beloved 2006 Cole Haan Leather Satchel that I've been looking for the Google, EBay and various other websites to find out that apparently the fantastic bag no longer exist. I know…such a sad, sad state of affairs.

That was until I found it in a random shoe store here in Spartanburg. Amazed I asked for the bag to be placed on hold until I could bring my dear boyfriend into the store to show him exactly what I wanted for a Valentine's Day or birthday or Valentine's Day/Birthday gift.

So later on in the week, I drag my boyfriend into a all women's store to show him the bag. To the same sales girl, I ask to have the bag placed on hold just in case someone special wanted to buy it for me. Two days later my boyfriend walks back into the store to buy the bag. "Victory is mine" you think right?


Apparently the owner wanted the bag. The owner! So she took off the shelf and kept it for herself. Never mind the customer who had spent the last six months look for this bag, found it and placed it on hold. Nope, a $300 profit didn't matter to her.


So now I’m back to square one…no bag…and a credit to a store with the horrible owner. What luck?

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