Thursday, December 20, 2007

UPS...I need you

I have recently started an Amazon addiction over the last few months. They have EVERYTHING...or least close to everything on their nifty website. I even priced checked garden hoses last night. Seriously.

So when I couldn't think of a neat gift to buy my boyfriend this Christmas...I thought of course...Amazon!

But now I'm desperately waiting for Amazon's good friend UPS to deliver my Christmas package with great anticipation. They are already several days late (so glad I paid for next day shipping) and now I see that my present went to Mather, Ca, Cleveland, OH, Louisville, KY and now WEST COLUMBIA, SC! Hello UPS - you just bypassed me!

For this typical July Christmas shopper ( sisters hate me for it), a last minute gift of this caliber drives me nuts...and UPS is making me older by the minute.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Are you going left or right?

Turn signals are almost non-existent aspect of driving in South. As soon as drivers cross the Mason-Dixon Line, they have a tendency to forget all knowledge of Drivers Education such as how to parallel park, driving with your lights on at dusk…and of course the turn signal.

The turn signal is one of my biggest pet peeves. You know…the little-flashing-arrows-that-come-on-to-indicate-whether-you’re-turning-right-or-left and taught how to use on day one of Drivers Ed?!?

Now surprising as it may sound…we do not read minds in the South. We can not figure out if you are turning left or right no matter how much you are thinking about it – sorry, like the rest of America we are just not that gifted.

Instead drivers of the South have invented a new driving technique called “The Southern Pass” which involves passing slow Mid-Westerns on the right on our way to the grocery store, mall and yes, even church.

We instead grumble behind your back and call you a fool but we’ll never use a horn to teach you a lesson. Why? Well you’re in the South and we have manners.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snapshots of Montana

Here's a few snapshots from Montana before my camera died due to the cold.

On the morning of the big game...a "balmy" 7 degrees....

A couple views of the stadium before the 9 degrees...

Lisa, Lenny's assistant before the game.

Monte's grand enterance...

The Grizzly Marching Band

Lenny running with the team...

The Wofford Cheerleaders cheering on the 56 Wofford fans that made the game.