Thursday, December 20, 2007

UPS...I need you

I have recently started an Amazon addiction over the last few months. They have EVERYTHING...or least close to everything on their nifty website. I even priced checked garden hoses last night. Seriously.

So when I couldn't think of a neat gift to buy my boyfriend this Christmas...I thought of course...Amazon!

But now I'm desperately waiting for Amazon's good friend UPS to deliver my Christmas package with great anticipation. They are already several days late (so glad I paid for next day shipping) and now I see that my present went to Mather, Ca, Cleveland, OH, Louisville, KY and now WEST COLUMBIA, SC! Hello UPS - you just bypassed me!

For this typical July Christmas shopper ( sisters hate me for it), a last minute gift of this caliber drives me nuts...and UPS is making me older by the minute.

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