Monday, October 1, 2007

30 miles

Recently over the last few months, I’ve really gotten into cycling for fun. It’s been such a wonderful way to reconnect with my childhood joy of getting on a bike and riding wherever I please. Growing up in the suburbs of Ohio, it was a rite of passage for one to have a bike and to ride it beyond the security of your own street.

The feeling of the wind against your face as you traveled up and over the hills came back to me as I started riding n the summer of this year. We are blessed to have a local non-profit group, Partners for Active Living or PALS that created a bike program that allows you to rent a bike for three months for less than $20. Amazing!

My first bike ride since 1993 was July 27,2007 and I traveled 8.6 miles. Had I known that we were going that far, I probably would have never tried but I’m very glad I did. Now I’m up to 30 miles a week and for a novice rider, I feel that I making some type of progress. If you haven't tried riding a bike, you should. At least for a brief moment to connect with your childhood again.

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